Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Teen Choice Awards Fashion

So as many of you are aware it has recently been the teens choice awards and what does that mean? Celebs coming together under one roof with their own style. Like many people its a great chance to seek out the new and upcoming fashion. So that's what we did!

Lily Collins was spotted wearing this beautiful palm tree skirt, she doesn't over do it with a clashing top but keeps it under control! We love the ways it's layered, it adds depth to the style!
I'd give it a...8/10 because it lacked a bit of jewellery sparkle!

Someone not afraid to add a bit of bling is Cher, her smokey eyes and natural lip colour really speaks for itself; very classy. The gold chain necklace makes a statement and is sure to make you stand out!
I'd give this outfit a...6/10 because the makeup is gorgeous but the outfit needs that kick of colour, it all seems too dull?

Selena certainly knows what style she's going for and she's confident about it! This fitted dress compliments here figure so much, especially the slits showing off her legs!
I'd give this outfit a...8/10 a beautiful dress but again needs a bit of glam.

The outfit for the night for me had to be Lucy Hale's perfect girly skirt and crop top! It looks so sophisticated and classy. Thin black heels and a simple white clutch adds to the beauty!❤
I'd give this outfit a...10/10 there's a correct amount of bling, no clashes everything compliments another. There is nothing I would change about this outfit!

So they were some of the styles walking the carpet at the Teen Choice Awards! It would be great to here your opinions and ideas about them too! <3

Friday, 9 August 2013

Summer Essentials!

Hey! During Summertime, there are certain products/items that are an absolute must if you want to look and feel great. Here are a few things that I feel are essential for those hot summery days.. 

First of all, in Summer my hair tends to be a giant disaster. The hot weather just doesn't seem to compliment my hair at all. It frizzes, goes flat and just overall looks a complete mess. However, I managed to find the perfect hair product to sort out the mess my hair was in and now I can say goodbye to frizzy, flat awful hair. I find that spraying some batiste dry shampoo all over my hair eliminates all the bad things about my hair! They come in many different scents but my personal favourite for summer is the coconut& exotic tropical. It leaves my hair smelling very fresh and summery, a total must-have for summer!  

Secondly, in Summer not only do I want to look summery I want to smell summery too. One of my favourite summer scents has got to be the body shop coconut body mist. It smells very exotic, reminding me of a tropical island with coconut trees and a huge swimming pool and warm sun and...oh sorry getting a bit carried away! But seriously this stuff is brilliant, and definitely an essential for summer!

Finally, during the summer sometimes my skin starts to become a little drier and in need if some T.L.C. Face masks are the perfect treatment! They really cleanse your face, making your skin a a lot more bright, fresh and revitalised- exactly what you need in summer. 

I hope this helped you recieve ideas of a few things worth buying during summer time <3 

                                                                            Bye :*

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

How I pamper my face!

Did you know that your face loves a bit of T.L.C? If your thinking- well yeah I treat it maybe once a month if i remember-that's not enough! Your face deserves it! About once or twice every two weeks I like to apply a soothing facial mask. I'm not a person to really dig down deep to find the best one for your skin but I do like to give some a try including...

1. The body shop- Tea tree face mask. It is 100ml and it has a firm but soft texture. You apply this gently but generously to your face and leave it for 10-15 mins please take into consideration that the mask does not dry. Rinse it with clean water and your good to go!
(Does anyone know why tubs always have one side with nothing in?) 

2. This is also from the Body Shop- Seaweed Ionic clay mask. This face mask is a lot more firm and does dry. It is for combination/oily skin this cleanses any excess oil leaving your skin feeling beautifully refreshed and glowing- definitely one to give a try! Follow the same steps as the Tea Tree mask for applying.❤

                                                    (Sorry for the cracked tub!)

3. Last but not least Montagne Jennesse-Tropical peel off. As it says in the name this is a peel off mask therefore you do not need to rinse/wash off. I got this mask from boots however I'm not sure if this exact one is available still. One of my favourite things about this is that it states you can get 10 uses out of this. Instead of ones I've tried that you can only use once and then have to bin it! It smells absolutely delicious you apply to a cleansed face and leave to dry for 15-20 mins and then peel it off! 

Have fun keeping those faces treated! Don't forget to give it a bit of T.L.C every now and then!

Monday, 1 July 2013

Skin care!

Now as much as it is boring, taking care of your skin is extremely important! To keep your skin clean, healthy and moisturised I thought I would share a few tips with you about skin care and the products I use. 

Firstly I use simple kind to skin facial wash, I really like this product! Just rinse your face, take a small amount and rub it into your skin, then rinse and towel dry and your good to go baby! This product helps to keep your skin healthy and moisturised, it can also help to reduce spots so its a great all round product. 

Another skin care product I love is the simple kind to skin moisturising facial toner, this can be used after the facial wash and works with it great! Just apply a small amount to cotton wool and slowly massage into skin using circular motions. 

Lastly, the simple kind to skin moisturiser. I use this every morning and every night and is an excellent moisturiser, I have noticed my skin to be a lot more soft, hydrated and spotless- you need to try this! 

So that's all my favourite products for skin care, remember to always take care of your skin it's very important even if it may seem not to be. Hope you got some ideas or inspiration! <3

Review; Soap and Glory!

Soap and Glory.. 

Being the typical girl that I am, I do a LOT of shopping and enjoy it very much- so much I do consider it not only a hobby but a talent! One of my favourite shops is without a doubt boots, and I cannot recall a time where I have went into boots and not at least looked at the soap and glory aisle- this is one of my favourite brands for skin care, makeup etc.. Therefore I thought I would do a review of some of my favourite products from there- enjoy! 

1) one of my favourite products has to be this  scrub of your life shower scrub. It's a pink gel with mini sparkles and it smells delicious! It leaves your skin feeling very soft and moisturised and I would recommend this to every girl out there looking for a good shower gel- this is the one!

2) another one of my favourites was this soap and glory trick and treatment under eye concealer. Unfortunately like many of us I have awful dark circles and find whacking a bit of this on them really helps cover it up. Blending it with other concealer a is also great to get the shade that's right for your skin tone. 


3) and finally my last favourite is this soap and glory moisturising body mist. I find this stuff amazing and very different to other moisturisers as it soaks into your skin immediately and you don't have to wait for it to dry. It also smells amazing and leaves your skin smelling sweet and feeling very moisturised! 

I hope you received some inspiration, make sure you try out these products there all brilliant! <3 

Daily Hair Care Routine

I find taking care of my hair can be quite a chore. Having to wash it and brush it and dry it *yawn* but I thought I would let you know what manages to get me through it! ❤

1. I really do love using the Aussie products I find they leave it soft and not dry. As well as that they smell delicious! I use the volume and shine ones mostly because I think they suit my hair perfectly.

2. About once a week I will pamper myself and use a hair mask. My favourite one right now is Herbal Essence "tousle me softly" This does exactly what it says on the tub and leaves your hair feeling beautifully soft.

3. Before I start brushing my hair I will spray all over a detangle spray by Tantrum called "My delicious detangle spray" it is a sweet smelling salon spray that loosens those knots in your hair. I have found that this really works in my hair and I don't seem to spend too much time brushing it once it is washed.👍