Monday, 1 July 2013

Review; Soap and Glory!

Soap and Glory.. 

Being the typical girl that I am, I do a LOT of shopping and enjoy it very much- so much I do consider it not only a hobby but a talent! One of my favourite shops is without a doubt boots, and I cannot recall a time where I have went into boots and not at least looked at the soap and glory aisle- this is one of my favourite brands for skin care, makeup etc.. Therefore I thought I would do a review of some of my favourite products from there- enjoy! 

1) one of my favourite products has to be this  scrub of your life shower scrub. It's a pink gel with mini sparkles and it smells delicious! It leaves your skin feeling very soft and moisturised and I would recommend this to every girl out there looking for a good shower gel- this is the one!

2) another one of my favourites was this soap and glory trick and treatment under eye concealer. Unfortunately like many of us I have awful dark circles and find whacking a bit of this on them really helps cover it up. Blending it with other concealer a is also great to get the shade that's right for your skin tone. 


3) and finally my last favourite is this soap and glory moisturising body mist. I find this stuff amazing and very different to other moisturisers as it soaks into your skin immediately and you don't have to wait for it to dry. It also smells amazing and leaves your skin smelling sweet and feeling very moisturised! 

I hope you received some inspiration, make sure you try out these products there all brilliant! <3 

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