Monday, 1 July 2013

Daily Hair Care Routine

I find taking care of my hair can be quite a chore. Having to wash it and brush it and dry it *yawn* but I thought I would let you know what manages to get me through it! ❤

1. I really do love using the Aussie products I find they leave it soft and not dry. As well as that they smell delicious! I use the volume and shine ones mostly because I think they suit my hair perfectly.

2. About once a week I will pamper myself and use a hair mask. My favourite one right now is Herbal Essence "tousle me softly" This does exactly what it says on the tub and leaves your hair feeling beautifully soft.

3. Before I start brushing my hair I will spray all over a detangle spray by Tantrum called "My delicious detangle spray" it is a sweet smelling salon spray that loosens those knots in your hair. I have found that this really works in my hair and I don't seem to spend too much time brushing it once it is washed.👍

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