Friday, 9 August 2013

Summer Essentials!

Hey! During Summertime, there are certain products/items that are an absolute must if you want to look and feel great. Here are a few things that I feel are essential for those hot summery days.. 

First of all, in Summer my hair tends to be a giant disaster. The hot weather just doesn't seem to compliment my hair at all. It frizzes, goes flat and just overall looks a complete mess. However, I managed to find the perfect hair product to sort out the mess my hair was in and now I can say goodbye to frizzy, flat awful hair. I find that spraying some batiste dry shampoo all over my hair eliminates all the bad things about my hair! They come in many different scents but my personal favourite for summer is the coconut& exotic tropical. It leaves my hair smelling very fresh and summery, a total must-have for summer!  

Secondly, in Summer not only do I want to look summery I want to smell summery too. One of my favourite summer scents has got to be the body shop coconut body mist. It smells very exotic, reminding me of a tropical island with coconut trees and a huge swimming pool and warm sun and...oh sorry getting a bit carried away! But seriously this stuff is brilliant, and definitely an essential for summer!

Finally, during the summer sometimes my skin starts to become a little drier and in need if some T.L.C. Face masks are the perfect treatment! They really cleanse your face, making your skin a a lot more bright, fresh and revitalised- exactly what you need in summer. 

I hope this helped you recieve ideas of a few things worth buying during summer time <3 

                                                                            Bye :*

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  1. I love Batiste!